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Team Registration Form

Dear All,
Fixtures - Division 1 - Sydenham & King Alfreds have amalgamated and will now be playing under the name "Kingham" at King Alfreds sports centre - so the Sydenham team has been replaced with a bye.
Fixtures - As there was little interest in playing a 3 game in divisions 1 & 2.  Final fixtures for this season are now posted on this website

The new results website is now available for me to populate with league teams, fixtures and team captains. I will be doing this over the next few days. Stephen Todd (Merriott) has done a fantastic job writing this site from scratch and it will allow home team captains to enter all the results of each fixture (including team players and individual scores rather that just the fixture result). These individual results will be used in the future to create a player ranking table. Within the site it will be possible to view result tables, individual team fixtures, individual players results etc etc.

Hopefully on Friday (10th Oct) you will receive an email automatically generated by the site giving you a web link and username/password. You will then need to login and enter your team players prior to Monday's fixtures - sorry for the sort notice! (As these will be required for entering results). It will be possible to amend team details and team players during the season if new players are required to play for the team.

Please note - it will be the responsibility of the home team captain to enter the results of the fixture (this should be done as soon as possible after the fixture) - hence away team captains must make sure that all their players have been registered against their team prior to the fixture.

Instructions for use of the website will be provided on the site

If you have problems entering results or using the site - please phone me on 07971010962

Please can I have you team details and cheques as soon as possible - I currently have only received one!!!
Derek Truman
07971 010962
Address for Registrations
5 Cresswell Ave


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